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Ten Practical Uses for QR Codes

1. Business Cards - A QR Code on the back of your business card is not only eyecatching but also it can contain all your details in VCard or mecard format and a person can update all your detailsto their phonebook with one scan.

2. Clothing Labels - You are in a store and you see an item of clothing and you would like to know more information aboutit, where it came from, what type of material and what farm did the material come or. Possibly it could lead to a mobile site which could give you details on what would look good with this item of clothing and how much it costs.

3. Real Estate Agents - How many times have you been out walking and you see a property in your neighbourhood andyou would like to know more information about it but you have to search for that agent go through their listings when you get home.If it had a QR Code attached you could simply scan the code and while standing outside the house you could click on the direct link have a look at the floorplans and images of the house inside or even take a virtual tour. That has to be an easy sale.

4. Magazine Adverts - Magazine advertising space is not cheap as we all know and space is limited. Include a QR Code. Youcan link to a mobile website which can give the user as much information as you want, Videos, promotions, products the opportunities are endless.

5. History Sites - If you are in Istanbul or another very large history orientated city and you only have a certain amount of time toget around to see the sites. QR Codes could be implemented at these sites so you could simply scan and if you want to laterre visit this link, open the link scanned by the QR code and it will hold all the information related to that site.

6. Bus Schedules - Standing at a bus stop and you scan the QR Code on the bus stop and this can link to a mobile site which will give you the bus timetables, no more pieces of paper. Now you have a link to the Bus timetable in your mobile phone.

7. Download Applications - You have a smart phone and you see an application that you want to download, simply scan the QR Code next to the app and the link will take you directly to the download. No more typing in long url's on a phone. Simply scan and download.

8. Food Products - You are in the supermarket and you see a mixture for chicken chow mein or sweet and sour. Scan the QR Code and it will suggest a recipe for this mix with the ingredients and maybe in the future it will have an attached video with step by step how to cook this dish.

9. Presentations - You are presenting a presentation on Powerpoint, at the end have a QR Code that can be scanned and the attendeescan then scan the code and download the presentation to their mobile phones.

10. Social Media Sites - Embed your social media contact details in a QR Code and people can simply scan to be taken directly to your Facebook or Linkedin page. You can print a QR code leading to your Facebook profile on the back of your T-shirt.

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